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Sunday25 March 2018

Direct selling and marketing with signification

Marketing with content is the cure to opting out; it adds value to people’s lives unconditional to acquisition - which, as it proves , is far more than probable to win their business and their commitment. It’s marketing that is oftentimes more substantive than the merchandise it intends to trade. Here, a relation:

Direct Selling

1.    Approach the consumer directly, using marked information.

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Hominal activity and Activeness

Relationship to other people
What is the individual's human relationship to other people?

US society appraises individualism and realizes fulfilment as increased by individualal action. Increasing one's possibilities and capacities transforms to a mental duty.

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Permission and Direct-Marketing

Marketing with meaning is the cure to opting out; it adds measure to people’s lives free of purchase - which, as it turns out , is far more prospective to win their business and their faithfulness. It’s marketing that is frequently more meaningful than the trade good it means to deliver.

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Future-oriented social group-Hominian activity

Human relationship to other people
What is the person's relation to other citizenry?

US culture esteems individuality and sees fulfilment as derived through personal accomplishment. Maximizing one's opportunities and capabilities becomes a mental imperative.

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Unternehmensnovum-Bedürfnisse der Kunden

Aus welchem Grund entwickeln die Unternehmungen wieder und wieder neue Handelsgüter, sei es als Marktneuheit oder als Unternehmenssnovum und dies in unaufhörlich schnellerem Rhythmus. Im Großen und Ganzen lassen sich hierfür folgende Gründe ins Feld führen:

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